The Barry Newman Blog.

August 10, 2009

My father in-law, Barry Newman, has just set up a blog here. Well worth a visit. He’s spent a number of years looking at the scriptural and historical foundations for the practice of baptism and the Lord’s supper.  He’ll be spending the next few months blogging about this. Should be interesting.


Infantish Baptism

April 23, 2009

Our youngest daughter just got baptised on Sunday. She’s 18 months. Everything went great. There were no dramas.

But I am interested to hear from those who support the practice of infant baptism, at what point does infant baptism become adult baptism? Our daughter surprised us with her advanced communication skills (far quicker than her brother). At 18 months she can clearly and audibly say ‘No, I really don’t want to!’ (she says it a lot). My question is, if she said that during the baptism (which she didn’t, but it was a very real possibility), what do you do? Pack-up and sit down? Tell her to quieten down and do what she’s told? Is 18 months too late to do an infant baptism? The whole Baptism thing gets pretty weird when you dissect it like this, doesn’t it?

NT ‘preaching’ exclusively evangelistic?

March 28, 2009

Stumbled upon this intriguing article by Donald Robinson (building on the work of C.H. Dodd):

The special responsibility of preaching the gospel was exercised by the apostles, whose commission was particularly concerned with an extensive ministry through preaching, and by evangelists, like Philip whom we see at work ‘preaching Jesus’ to the Ethiopian eunuch. The synagogue might be a good place for preaching, or any other audience whose general unbelief or ignorance of God’s saving grace might be assumed. From Paul’s case we gather that a fair measure of disputation and argument might accompany evangelism, as in the synagogue at Thessalonica (Acts 17.3) or in a hired hall at Ephesus (19.9). But the central activity was evangelism, and this was not, apparently, something conducted within the ‘assembly’ of Christians, but, if we may so put it, in enemy territory itself.

from ‘The Theology of the Preached Word’ in Donald Robinson: Selected Works Vol. 2, p143

Moore Bloggege

March 23, 2009

Michael Jensen has compiled a list of  the *known* Moore College student and faculty blogs.

Just when you think you really know a student, you read their blog.