Over the past few years I have enjoyed reading a number of blogs, many by people I have never met. I have resisted blogging or commenting myself. This is mainly due to my reluctance of owning my own opinions. Hopefully that will change.

A good friend of mine gave me this piece of advice about blogging

“blog on issues that would inform and bless others rather than open up more endless conversations and conjecture”.

I completely agree with him. 

A blog whose end-goal is just to stimulate discussion and argument can be of little help to anyone. 
But, to speak from my own experience, I  become more informed about most things through conversation and disagreement. 

I intend to blog this year on a few unresolved areas close to my heart. Not to stir the pot (since this pot is too small), but to help clarify my own thinking and hopefully, in the process, clarify the thoughts of others who care to read.


2 Responses to Huh?

  1. Matt Philips says:

    Hey Luke,

    I was wondering if you get a chance if you could send me the names and artists of some of the songs from ENGAGE. I really liked the new one and also the one we sang a few times and finished with on the Saturday night. Tried to find them on itunes but was struggling.

    Thanks heaps,

    Matt Philips (

  2. Matt Philips says:

    Sorry to put this post here, didn’t have your email (hopefully you can delete it).

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