My 2009 MTC Mission costume

Why is it that every Moore College mission I find myself dressing up in a crazy outfit and playing guitar?

This is not part of the syllabus.

(But I secretly really enjoy it)



    3 Responses to My 2009 MTC Mission costume

    1. davemiers says:

      haha!! good job man!

    2. Ben says:

      Better watch out for that YouTube clip…might pop up at church sometime.

    3. Kelley Velis says:

      Greetings. I am a brand new Bus Boy / Bus Girl and was planning to better be prepared for my vocation at McKesson Corporation. That is why I came to your blog page. Being brought up in Black and on the way to class at Loyola University Chicago (IL) in Campbell, has helped me to get ready for my destiny. My folks were also educators and they notified me about this guide soon after researching Giraffes Can’t Dance. Be grateful to you

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