Really good music in Church (Part II)


So why is Uncle Joe’s ukulele sing-a-long worth a look? (See Part I)

Well, if we get to the point where our church music is like Uncle Joe’s sing-a-long, we get to the point where love of the community trumps personal preferences.

There are heap of places we see this. Last time I mentioned the football victory song. What about a national anthem at a medal ceremony. Who cares if you like the melody of the song. Who cares if there is a backing track and not a live band. The point is, the music of a national anthem connects the medal winner with the people of his or her country. The tune is not important. What is important is that everyone participating identify it as their own.

Another example is the recent Sound Relief concerts. When I saw on paper that Barry Gibb and Olivia Newton-John were going to close out the Sydney show, I thought ‘that won’t work’. But I watched the footage. And perhaps it was careful editing or the effects of alcohol, but I didn’t see a dull face in the crowd. Despite the fact that most people in the front section of the crowd would not have Barry Gibb on their iPods. Yet because of the occasion of Sound Relief, everyone was able to put aside their personal preferences and participate with enthusiasm.

So what does this mean for our churches. I think really good Church music begins with the Church loving what it is. A deep sense of valuing the time spent together.

Too often we try to do it the other way around. We typically try to get the Church to value itself by trying to improve the music. If the Christian community know and love why they are what they are, the music flows out of them – which is kind of biblical don’t you think?


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