Sydney Anglican Preaching (the trilogy)

I am planning to do a short three part series on my experience of preaching as a Sydney Anglican. Why Sydney Anglican? Because it has been my world for the last 30 years, and, God willing, it will be part of my world for next 30 years. I love it. Sydney Anglicans are  also a fascinating topic of conversation. They have their staunch defenders and vehement critics. Often the most vehement are the Sydney Anglicans themselves. Kind of like how you can criticise your spouse more than anyone else does. Not a good thing. I realise the tag Sydney Anglican is difficult, since what I am describing is often just a description of Sydney evangelicals (eg: of the KCC tradition). I also realize, that I am making mostly subjective generalisations from my own experience. And so, yes, there will always be counter-examples to everything I write. Here’s my series (I know it’s popular to do lists of ’10’ these days, but that’s too many for me, I end up padding it out with fluff). Hopefully this isn’t all fluff.

  1. 5 things I love about our preaching
  2. 5 things we overuse in our preaching
  3. 5 things we underuse in our preaching

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