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I’ve never considered myself to be (what some call) ‘a man’s man’. This is due to a number of factors:

  1. I have limited sporting abilities, (I still remember my year 7 rugby trials where I got absolutely steam-rolled by a guy who was smaller than me)
  2. I am not that fussed about alcoholic beverages
  3. I don’t feel the urge to be ‘Wild at heart‘, whatever that means
  4. I play piano and write songs
  5. I still like confectionary


…but last Thursday, I climbed a few rungs up this ‘aussie male’ ladder. 


I did the following things in 24 hours with a good mate from Moore College, Geoff Thompson:

  1. A road trip. (yes it was to canberra, but it still counts)
  2. Stood 2nd row as Midnight Oil did a two hour reunion gig
  3. Camped out on Lake George on the way home. Falling asleep to the sound of  road-trains going nowhere.
  4. Drank (a) beer.
  5. Woke up and tried to shoot foxes, but had to settle for shooting coke cans on fence posts instead.

3 Responses to Read About It

  1. Ben says:

    Can we book you in as a speaker at the next men’s event? Your masculinity is truly inspiring.

  2. Love that photo of your with a gun, brother Luke!

  3. lukewoodhouse says:

    You betcha.
    Move over Al, there is a new pig-shooting-men’s-event-speaker in town.

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