Really good music in Church

This is the first in a series of short posts I am planning to do on Good Music in Church .

Music. I listen to it, play it, write it and love it.

I have seen the impact good and bad music has on a Church. So I want music to be good. I mean really good. Good does not mean slick, polished, or even theologically faithful. I want music at Church to be really good – the right stuff, for the right moment.

I want the music in our Churches to be as good as Uncle Joe pulling out the Ukulele at the end of the weekly family feast, everyone joining in, no matter what’s on their usual iPod playlist. I want the music in our Churches to be as good as a victory song in a sweaty dressing room. You can’t tell me that if an outsider, who usually listens to radiohead, peered through a window at Uncle Joe’s family sing-a-long, they wouldn’t want to be a part of it? Or if down a long corridor, the stadium owner hears the victory song, wouldn’t they want to be part of what was going on there?

Good music is good for so many reasons other than slickness, style, professionalism and even musicality. Really good music in our Church has to be the right stuff, for the right moment.


6 Responses to Really good music in Church

  1. Melissa says:

    Well written – after looking for a new church, we have been listening to some very different styles of music across various denominations, and it is astounding at the music that is being presented as good for worship. I heartily agree that it is not style dependant, nor needing a full band to be well done – but needs to be condusive to good congregational worship which sets our hearts and minds on God.
    ps. Still have wonderful memories of you “tinkering” on the piano at St Petes!!

  2. lukewoodhouse says:

    Hey Melissa.
    Great to hear from you!
    hope you find a new Church you love.

    I reckon the hard bit is working out what is ‘conducive’.


  3. […] So why is Uncle Joe’s ukulele sing-a-long worth a look? (See Part I) […]

  4. drtombibey says:

    You might enjoy my post on the Church of the Exceptional. The link is

    Dr. B

  5. Love in any language is a good song for church I think.

  6. songman2005 says:

    We have struggled keeping our “family” together with the veriety of music we do. I feel some of it is the Church is many years old and people are set in their ways but then we have a lot of older folks that love singing to contempory songs. What can a person do? Cant please everyone. Nice Blog, Brian

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