An excellent preaching resource.

iTunes U last year put up this preaching course that Ed Clowney and Timothy Keller ran in 2002. It’s completely free (35 tracks, 18 Sessions + Q & A). I spent  the Summer working through it. It has been the most thought provoking, practical and deeply theological course on preaching I have heard. Preachers and non-Preachers will benefit from it. It’s  basic challenge (at least to my own preaching) is the simple question:

 ‘How does this sermon proclaim Christ?’

It’s easy to write a sermon where Jesus Christ is, at best, a footnote. Even when we are ‘preaching through the bible’, if we don’t have a deep appreciation of who the bible is all about,  weeks can go by, even at bible-teaching Churches, where Jesus hardly gets a mention.  I don’t completely agree with (or perhaps understand) Clowney or Keller on a number of issues. My supervisor suggested my project could be a critical assessment of  this course. Nice. 

[If you are after a streamlined version of the Keller’s part of the course, Keller gave two lectures at Oak Hill College last year on ‘Preaching to the heart’. You can download them for free here.]


3 Responses to An excellent preaching resource.

  1. Sam C says:

    I’ve found Keller’s stuff very interesting; yet do have a few unanswered questions. Would love to hear a critique. I presume on preaching you would also be interacting with Spurgeon & Lloyd-Jones?

  2. lukewoodhouse says:

    Hi Sam, I am slowly starting to understand Keller’s methodology. What looks simple on the surface, is complex below. Due to space and time restrictions, I won’t be spending a lot of time on CHS or MLJ (as much as I’d love to!). I’m keen to hear why you think they are the two (as opposed to others) I’ll be interacting with.

    (have we met?)

  3. […] steps of sermon application 9 04 2009 Timothy Keller (as part of his preaching course) provides this succinct (Luther-esque) 4 point argument which is the heart of his sermon […]

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